Review of Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea

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A brisk, potent green tea that I found was equally good for morning or afternoon drinking. I can't see everyone liking this, as many Americans seem to prefer milder tasting green teas, but this is my type of tea.

I can't even begin to describe how good the leaf of this tea's nutty, toasty, and vegetal, and I just want to stick my nose in it. I guess this is the freshness of drinking 2014 tea shortly after harvest and production. It's bold and simple but but very pleasing. The leaf is also beautiful, a thin, wiry leaf that is quite curly.

Upon brewing, a little more subdued, but powerful under the surface. This is a tea that I'd expect to look dark in color because it is so strong tasting, but the cup is very clear and pale.

Flavor is strong: more bitter than sour, but slightly sour as well. Aroma is toasty and nutty, with some grassy and vegetal notes. Toasty without being smoky. Hints at floral qualities but I wouldn't describe it as floral. Moderate astringency, enough to make it quite full-bodied but never too much. Brisk.

This is the third Yun Wu (cloud mist) green tea I've tried, but the other two I think were from different regions. This tea was similar to both, but it also reminds me a bit of another wiry Jiangxi green tea I had some time ago from Upton Tea Imports, called Wuyuan Ruikang Hairpoint.

Easily steeps two cups, even if the first infusion is long...a third cup was a little too weak for me.

I loved this tea and could see myself drinking it in quantity. Very crisp and refreshing. I thought the price on this tea was expensive's nearly $20 for 100 grams, and similar teas have been much cheaper in price. Although I do think the quality on this tea is better than anything else I've tried, I don't know if it's better enough to justify the price. Upton's tea was still pretty good, and was also organic certified. I also had a dirt cheap Yun Wu from San Francisco Herb Company, again, not as good as this one, but I'd hesitate to pay the premium for this tea because, while better, it wasn't that much better, and it is a lot more expensive.

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