Review of Butterfly Pea Tea – Color-changing blue tea (Original Blue Tea)

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I love this tea. I can't help it.

The flavor is not amazing. If you've ever smelled pea flowers, then you'll be able to picture the flavor. They taste just like they smell.

But the tea is purple! It's not lavender, or a deep plum that's almost not purple at all, but electric purple! It's gorgeous and I'll be honest, I just like looking at it.

I made this hot, and that was ok, but I love it as a cold brew. I let the flowers steep overnight and it's ready to take to work in the AM. A little squeeze of agave and it's just right.

Since I don't love the flavor all on it's own, I've been planning out ways to incorporate a small amount of flowers into other teas, just for the color.

This tea is just the butterfly pea flowers alone, but Blue Chai does make a blend with lemongrass. More on that soon!

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