Tea: Blueberry Green Tea

A Fruit Green Tea from Republic of Tea

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Brand:Republic of Tea
Style:Fruit Green Tea
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I made this three times and noticed that it varies quite a bit depending on how it is prepared. The best result came from using freshly boiled water (normally, green tea gets a lower temperature) and a steep time of only a few minutes. The flavor then is quite pleasant and smooth, but not especially strong.

Given that I'm not always a fan of flavored green tea, I was delighted and surprised by this one--when it was prepared as above.

Update: I made this at work and it worked very well. In contrast with above, the water was less than boiling. It didn't turn bitter even though I left the bag in it pretty much the whole time. The blueberry seemed more of a scent than a flavor to me, but was quite nice.

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