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Style:Oolong Tea
Region:Taiwan / Formosa
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Whole-leaf tea in a sachet: this is an excellent rarity, in that it's outstanding green oolong in a tea bag.

I thought this tea was wonderful and among one of the best teas I've tried in a tea bag to date. The leaf is tightly rolled, visible through the sachet, and unfurls when brewing. Although the pyramid shape of the bag does give it space to expand, I find it easily takes up the whole space inside the bag--I'd prefer allowing it even a little more room.

The aroma is wonderful, floral, perfumey, and a little herbaceous. Flavor is very smooth, with only a light, pleasant bitterness that comes more in the middle of the sip than at the beginning or end. This tea is buttery in mouthfeel, like a lot of high-grade oolongs, but I find it's not too much so: it has just enough pleasant astringency to keep it interesting.

Also, resteeps very well. Because the leaf is somewhat confined, I find it infuses slowly, which actually makes it easy to brew. I like a 3 minute infusion, followed by 5 minutes, and then a very long steeping if you want a third cup.

I liked this a lot and I think it was just as good quality as loose leaf. It was on par with some of the better Dong Ding / Tung Ting oolongs I've sampled. Price seems quite high ($1 for a single tea bag), but I think this is true across the board of these high-quality tea sachets. I wish this company sold the same tea in loose-leaf, but I don't see it sold this way.

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