Tea: Six Summits Oolong® Tea

A Flavored Oolong from Teavana

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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Style:Flavored Oolong
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Review of Six Summits Oolong® Tea

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I used to hate oolong tea. I couldn't tell you the brands I tried in the past, but every cup of oolong I sipped tasted like mud. And, I know most tea-savvy people feel disdain toward Teavana, but I have to say their Six Summits Oolong opened my mind to oolong. That I could enjoy it.

The scent of the dried tea is pleasant. Actually, the way I’m about to describe it is kind of odd. But, believe me, pleasant none-the-less. It smells like a combination of dried catnip and red fruit roll-ups, folks. It’s earthy, but the raspberries lend a certain sweetness to it.

The Oolong flavor was good-- earthy but not muddy. Initially, I couldn’t taste the raspberries, they did create a pleasant aftertaste though–sweet and slightly tart, just like a raspberry should taste!

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