Tea: British Blend - Premium Black Tea

A Black Tea from Tetley Tea

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Brand:Tetley Tea
Style:Black Tea
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Review of British Blend - Premium Black Tea

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I'm surprised that a number of people thought this tea tasted weak, though the strength of cup I got might be due to a mistake I made: I tore the drawstring teabag. The tea fell out, so I just brewed it loose and floating in the cup. This made it diffuse very quickly. The tiny bits were too small to effectively scoop out and I didn't have a strainer, so I just left them in. I sipped it while it steeped to see when/how much it went bitter. Though it definitely did go bitter, it wasn't as much as I was worried about. Also, the smell had a subdued raisin-like scent. I can really feel the caffeine, so it wouldn't be bad as a coffee substitute.

Not going to be a favorite for me, but it really wasn't bad compared to other straight black teas I've tried. I may have to try a few others in the British style. Also, I think creamer would have helped, but didn't want to mix it with the loose bits of tea. I put 3 for the value because I don't see a price on their website.

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