Review of Passion Fruit (Paradise)

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Oh wow, now this is my kind of tea! (Okay, herbal tea, but still.) In both aroma and taste, a perfect balance of flowers and citrus. It's tart, but not excessively so, and sweet, but in a way that works for me. The tea brews up to a lovely pink and amber color. Despite the lack of caffeine, I find this tea invigorating. Excellent quality of tea. I'll have to check out Ocatvia's other offerings.

The price on the webpage puts it in the normal range per ounce, but I really like it and so rated the value a 4 -- very worth it for me.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on August 25th, 2014

I love Octavia Jenkintown, where I live, there's a bakery and cafe, Velvet Sky, which serves their teas, so I've had the opportunity to try a lot of them. They've rotated their selection and sometimes even offered small samples, so I've gotten to try a wide range of their teas.

Their prices are on the high side, but I find their quality is consistently very high to back it up. They also make a wide range of teas that I like, including an oolong, a genmaicha, a rooibos blend that I love (African rose, which I think may have been renamed to something including Lemon in its name), and many others.

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