Review of Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea

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Extremely satisfying tea! I really like this one. The dry leaf had a wonderful, unique aroma that made me very excited to try the tea. Once brewed, it has a light herbal/spicy flavor that I find extremely pleasing and that is well balanced with the tea flavor. It's a comforting drink that I could imagine myself drinking pretty much any time, and with or without food.

It's a bit pricey on the website; however, I made a pretty loose teaspoon in a kettle that makes about 2 1/2 cups. It looked potentially thin after brewing, but while I certainly wouldn't object to a stronger flavor, I also didn't think the tea tasted weak. I have yet to try my second cup. As long as that second brewing is decent, I'd say this is well worth the price. I'll have to mull it over again, though, once I've had time to let my "tea high" waft away. :-D

With this tea you DON'T want to leave it warming. You want to drink it fresh and take it off heat after brewing. Leaving it with the warming function on (as in some of the fancier kettles) is something I'll often do, but in this case it seems to change the flavor. So making just enough for yourself or for the people around is best.

Additionally, you do NOT want to overbrew this one if you aren't a fan of bitterness in tea. Recently I made a cup but left the leaf in the tea for far too long, which resulted in a decidedly bitter cup. Stick to relatively brief steeping times.

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