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This tea should be called "Campfire Black." It takes like your are drinking smoke combined with black tea. Depending on the quality of black tea used in this blend, this tea is excellent. If the Assam, for instance, is not top quality, then it can suffer from too much smoke and not enough tannins. Much like a similar blend before it (smoky Russian caravan), this tea blends the campfire like lapsang souchong with other blacks. Aroma is 3/4 the fun with this tea. Nostalgic campers welcome.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on October 2nd, 2014

Hello, and welcome to RateTea, and thank you for your first review!

I definitely get that "campfire" quality with Lapsang Souchong teas. I've drunk this particular tea, from Murchie's, but it was so long ago, and I don't remember it clearly enough to share a review.

Let me know if you have any questions about tea, or about the website! I look forward to reading more of your reviews!

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