Review of Chocolate Chili Chai (Chocolate Chilli Chai)

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Looking at the dry tea, I was surprised that the black tea was in the form of little nuggets, rather than rolled leaves like I'm used to. Upon further reading, I think this is probably due to CTC processing (,_Tear,_Curl).

The scent of the dry tea is VERY spicy and rich. I think the most prominent note is cloves? Once brewed, the scent mellows out quite a bit. I don't appreciate any chocolatey scents either dry or brewed, it's all just spicy to me. Also, for a chai tea, the spice blend really says "Christmas!" to me, not "India!".

The taste is enjoyable - I had this cup without any sweetener or milk and it was entirely drinkable that way. The black tea base is smooth with just a bit of astringency. I could swear there's some sort of orange flavour in this tea, blending with cinnamon and cloves. I don't really appreciate any of the chocolate or the chili, unfortunately.

I like this tea, but to me it tastes more like a "Christmas Blend" than a "Chocolate Chilli Chai". Your mileage may vary. :)

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