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A Black Tea from Lipton Tea

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Ah, Lipton: the tea ubiquitous within the fine dining institutions of my college campus. I tend to drink this when I'm in need of something strongly caffeinated but I just can't tolerate the thought of choking down more instant coffee crystals dissolved in lukewarm tap water from the bathroom down the hall from my lab.

What can I say? Even overworked lab rats need to have standards sometimes.

That said, I tend to make fun of Lipton a lot, but I really don't find their tea unpleasant. It's just that I don't find it to be a pleasant experience, either. I usually let this tea steep for no longer than a minute in boiling water, lest it take on an unpleasantly bitter taste, or else I prepare it as a cold-brew. Unfortunately, at its best it's still below average--though still a better experience than similarly low-grade coffee.

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