Review of Wild Berry Zinger® Herbal Tea

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I have mixed feelings about this one. The aroma reminds me exactly of a Jolly Rancher, which is great as a candy but strikes me as too intensely sweet and artificially-fruity for a whole drink. As I sip the drink, it's grown on me a bit. I think the hibiscus probably helps cut the sweetness. It's still not really right for me, though. I could see really enjoying this only when specifically in the mood for a special kind of dessert tea--like if I was craving a danish in liquid form.

(Incidentally, now that I think about it, am I the only one who thinks the name "jolly rancher" is a weird choice for a candy name? The image that those words bring up is more like a laughing cowboy--which isn't really how I'd associate the candy. I should really look up the inspiration for the name.)

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