Review of Feinster Earl Grey - Ganzes Teeblatt

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Purchased in a German Supermarket, Rewe.

Dry leaf is intensely aromatic, with a strong bergamot aroma, and some malty quality from the black tea.

Brews up a dark-colored cup that is less aromatic and less potent than suggested by the smell of the dry leaf. Oddly muted. Aroma is mainly bergamot, with only a hint of malt that comes out more as the cup cools. Flavor is more savory, only slightly bitter, but also slightly sour.

Not the most impressive Earl Grey--I would prefer others for the same reason I'm not a fan of Twinings; this one actually reminded me a lot of Twinings Earl Grey.

Price is not terrible, in Germany at least, this was under 6 Euro for 150 grams, I see it's for sale in the US for $11, which I think is too expensive. Overall though, I would not buy again. I was even more impressed by some of Meßmer's tea bag teas. This was just too weak and generic tasting, and I regularly drink black teas that are more aromatic and cheaper too.

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