Review of Canadian Icewine Tea

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This is an excellent twist on your standard black tea--light with a faint sweetness which adds a delicacy not typically seen in your average morning brew. It is a pleasure to drink cold-brewed or hot, although those who consider the perfume of a tea to be among the most important parts of the experience may come away disappointed since this tea's aroma is as light as its sweetness.

There should also be a warning: For me this tea quickly develops a soap-like taste if over-steeped. But I think experiences may vary; another friend has yet to notice a soap-like flavor, and I suspect that the same factor which makes every variety of jasmine tea taste horrible and soapy to me may be coming into play here.

As last I checked an application is necessary to buy tea directly from this supplier, and neither myself nor the friend who purchased for me have ever been able to find it in a local store outside of Canada, those wanting to try it might be advised to try Amazon, or find a buddy willing to be part of a tea exchange.

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