Review of Four Seasons Oolong Tea

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I wrote this review last year, and somehow forgot to post it!

I tried this tea at the Philadelphia Coffee and Tea Festival, and enjoyed it. I also took a sample, which I've since brewed a number of times.

Dry leaf smells a lot like a lightly-roasted traditional oolong, smelling pretty woody. Upon brewing, has a strong floral fragrance comes out, a little like narcissus. The first sip yields a buttery mouthfeel with just a hint of pleasant astringency. However, upon drinking I found that it had a little more astringency than I'm used to in this type of tea. The floral quality initially resembles narcissus or orchid, but gives way to a fragrance that is more like chrysanthemum or chamomile.

The second cup I brewed was pleasingly bitter, very flavorful, also with a lot of savory / umami flavor for an oolong. It's a little sour towards the bottom of the cup; I found the bitterness and savory qualities in the flavor to be more pleasant than the sourness.

Very enjoyable, and a solid oolong that's on the greener side but still has a little bit of light roast. Not quite as mind-blowing as the Ruby Black from the same company though. I also thought this tea was a little pricier for what it was.

This year at the festival I tried several more teas from this company, and I was pleased to say that I think their quality level has gone from solidly good, into the zone of excellence, so stay tuned for some more reviews.

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