Review of Chocolate Puerh - Black Tea Blend

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Finally got to try a chocolate pu-erh!

Okay, this one was pleasant, but I feel like there are likely better versions out there. I can see why pu-erh can make a solid base for this kind of tea (the fish cake flavoring of it is muted by the chocolate), but it seems like the balance or the robustness of this one would benefit from a recalibration. In short, I'd like both a bit more tea and even more chocolate. So likely I'll need to use loose leaf to find my favorite of this tea type.

Note: It's best if you swish your cup a bit before each sip to ensure you're getting a decent amount of the chocolate flavor, which otherwise may settle at the bottom.

The second cup I added a bit of sugar and this worked well. I bet milk would go well with it, too.

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