Review of Dong Ding Oolong traditional medium roast

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Well perhaps on the website this may be considered a mid-grade tea, but I was really impressed by it. I now know what a quality oolong is supposed to taste and smell like. It's rich both in aroma and flavor, and lasts very well through multiple infusions. Infact, I experimented on the third and fourth infusions: It was just the normal amount of tea you'd use for 1 cup, but I brewed two infusions back to back and poured the contents together into a bigger container. It was kind a "cheat" way of getting a 2-cup batch out of 1 cups worth of tea. I could tell no difference in flavor from the 2nd infusion, which was almost as good as the 1st. Pretty amazing, especially considering the price. It's cheaper than many "low" grade specialty teas. I'm going to order more very soon.

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