Tea: British Blend - Premium Black Tea

A Black Tea from Tetley Tea

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Brand:Tetley Tea
Style:Black Tea
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Tetley is one of the best basic black teas out there. Unlike American brands of black teas, it never gets bitter and is enjoyable with or without milk. The caffeine is also strong enough to replace coffee, but unlike coffee it doesn't hype you up for a crash (well maybe if you drink enough cups).
While it may not be the most exciting of teas, Tetley's taste is consistently satisfying and it hits the spot!

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DeeJay wrote:
on May 7th, 2013

This is my 'go to' tea. I'm a busy mother of 5 and drink 2 cups every morning to get me going. The flavor is not too strong and slightly bitter, but I make mine with a little raw sugar and milk. I use tea bags because they're quick and less messy. I am recently trying various loose leaf (pure) teas (not the flavored stuff) to expand my tea horizons. Basically, in the years that I have drank Tetley British Blend, I have only bought one box that was unsatisfactory and the Tetley company was quick to respond and replace the product.

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