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This is the traditional Chinese Lapsang Souchong, subtle, not the British-style stuff with the overwhelming smell of campfire smoke. I love it. I've only ever tried one other Lapsang Souchong on par with this, the Lapsang Souchong Superior Grade from Life In Teacup. This tea was equally exquisite, yet quite different.

Aroma of the dry leaf is subtle, suggesting cocoa and wood.

The brewed cup is rich and dark, and has a smooth but rich mouthfeel. The aroma is mostly of cocoa or bitter chocolate, lightly roasty, with undertones of wood resin. There's a hint of wintergreen in the finish.

Very mellow and warming, yet a little less so (and more refreshing) than the other traditional example of this tea that I tried in the past. I chose to sample this on the coldest morning yet, it's currently 25F out and was 19F just a couple hours ago, and I think this tea is perfect for a cold wintry day. Some high-end teas I find I can't drink too much of, both because of their caffeine content, and the intense aroma which often makes me feel overwhelmed if I do more than sip slowly.

This tea though I could see drinking in quantity. It is complex, but easy-going and mild.

Another top-quality tea from Joseph Wesley, leaving me eager to sample the whole bunch.

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