Review of Chamomile Lemon (Sweet Meadows)

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FINALLY, a chamomile tea I actually enjoy! Very smooth, almost creamy in flavor, balanced perfectly with the lightly citrusy lemon myrtle. This is the first time I've actually felt calmed and soothed by chamomile, rather than annoyed by it. There's no bitter aftertaste either, even after I accidentally brewed it longer than I intented to. Got two good cups out of it.

Honestly, this is one tea in the sampler pack I got that I was dreading, but it unexpectedly blew me away. While thinking up the wording for this review, I waved my arms a bit, which startled and amused my fiance. I assured him it was a positive gesticulation, not one of worry or a sign of insanity. ;-D

In short, whether you normally like chamomile or not, this tea is definitely worth trying.

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