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A Hojicha from Octavia Tea - O Organic

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An unusually smooth hojicha, not the strongest aroma, I thought on the weak side.

The dry leaf (which is a mix of stem and leaf) looks fairly roasted, but the aroma only has a light amount of roast. Instead, there are some interesting fruity notes, as well as some of the vegetal and grain-like qualities I associate with fresh (unroasted) Japanese green tea. Most hojicha smells more like roasted barley and this smelled a bit more like corn.

The cup is exceptionally clear, and the flavor reflects this: it's very smooth tasting, with little astringency, and almost no bitterness or sourness. A very mellow cup, yet without being light. The effect is rich and comforting.

Pleasant, but weak, and very pricey for its level of quality. I prefer the flavor of Yamamotoyama's default hojicha, which is much cheaper (although not organic certified), and has a more robust roasty aroma.

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