Tea: Laoshan Black

A Black Tea from Verdant Tea

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Brand:Verdant Tea
Style:Black Tea
Region:Shandong, China
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Review of Laoshan Black

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I am obviously falling in love with malty, chocolatey black teas. I can definitely see why this one is so popular! The dried leaves are small and curly, and smell like chocolate and bread. The chocolate aroma intensifies once the water hits it. Usually I set a timer and walk away to do something else while my tea is brewing, but this time I just stood over the cup, inhaling the chocolately steam and willing the timer to go faster. :)

The flavour is heavy with the same dark cocoa, plus cooked grain or bread. It’s smooth, and so easy to drink. Wow, this is delicious! I’m already looking forward to the resteep.

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