Tea: Port

A Flavored Black Tea from Whispering Pines

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Brand:Whispering Pines
Style:Flavored Black Tea
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My first Whispering Pines tea! I chose this in part because I wanted to try the roasted cedar and vanilla bean (and several of the blends with those ingredients were out of stock when I placed my order). This is a really interesting and unique tea. When I first smelled it dry, I couldn’t place any of the flavours, it was just this mysterious earthy boozy deliciousness. Going back after reading the ingredients, I can smell the vanilla and cedar. I’m not sure what saffron smells like, so I can’t tell if it’s there. :)

Brewed, the black tea base takes centre stage, with the various other ingredients adding richness and complexity. It totally does remind me of being out on canoe camping trips: waking up in the morning and stepping out of my tent to breathe the fresh morning air and gaze out over the water.

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