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A Sencha from Octavia Tea

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Brand:Octavia Tea
Region:Kagoshima, Japan
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This sencha has large pieces of intact leaf, and looks and smells like a very typical sencha.

Brews up a yellow-green cup, so vibrant in color that it looks almost like it is glowing.

The aroma is spinachy and seaweedy, and the flavor is strongly umami, slightly sweet, and slightly bitter. There's a hint of corn in the aroma. Moderate astringency, especially when brewed as strongly as Octavia suggests (I recommend less leaf, which results in a milder cup).

This tea seems to have a very Japanese aesthetic; I can see it pleasing enthusiasts of Japanese teas, but being less accessible to people with a more Western palate.

With Octavia's recommendation of a tablespoon of leaf, I recommend a 1 minute steep followed by a 3 minute steep, for a strong cup. You can probably get a third, weaker cup this way. I preferred using a little less leaf and longer steeps, as this produced a mellower cup, lower in astringency, and with a less overwhelmingly vegetal aroma.

This is one of the more inexpensive teas sold by Octavia, and I think it offers good value, although I think its quality was only good, nothing outstanding.

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