Tea: Golden Orchid

A Vanilla Black Tea from Whispering Pines

Picture of Golden Orchid
Brand:Whispering Pines
Style:Vanilla Black Tea
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Review of Golden Orchid

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This tea is soooo good. The dry tea smells like melted vanilla-flavoured chocolate. That delicious dessert-y experience extends right into the scent of the brewing tea, and then the taste of the tea itself. Rich, chocolatey, creamy, delicious. I've tasted chocolate-flavoured teas that were a lot less chocolatey than this, and yet the only flavouring is chopped up vanilla beans. Amazing. I added a little bit of milk and sugar today for an extra-indulgent experience, but the tea definitely doesn't need it. This is the tea I break out when I want to celebrate, or am in need of some serious comforting. So good. :)

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