Review of East Frisian Leaf Blend

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A strong black tea blend of very good quality. Another sample brought back from Germany.

Brews up a rich, dark cup that is only moderately aromatic. The aroma is very malty and slightly vegetal. The flavor is very smooth up-front, but there's a tannic edge towards the end of the sip, which I found quite pleasant. Aromatic notes of bitter chocolate come out in the finish.

I brewed as recommended--but this is another of TeaGschwendner's teas that is possible to overbrew. I found it becomes a little harsh, too astringent, if I use more leaf or if I steep too long.

It can be used to brew a second cup, not quite as good as the first, but still very rich and enjoyable, and just about as smooth. The second cup seems to bring out more of the bitter chocolate notes.

Some of TeaGschwendner's teas are noticeably cheaper in Germany, but this one is around the same price. I think it's a very reasonable price too.

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