Tea: Plum Brandy Cheesecake

A Flavored Oolong from Butiki Teas

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Plum Brandy Cheesecake
Brand:Butiki Teas
Style:Flavored Oolong
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Review of Plum Brandy Cheesecake

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Oh, so yummy! I wasn’t sure what I would think of this one because of the unusual sounding combination. The smell out of the bag was rich with cheesecake and a small sniff of plum – the tea was dark and with flecks of purple and colors. A happy looking tea.

At first sip I didn’t get much but more came clear with further sipping. The brandy isn’t a typical brandy taste and I almost missed it, even though it’s listed as the first note. I tasted the plum in bursts at time, particularly at the bottom of the cup, very good. The cheesecake in the background loaned a creaminess. The black tea by itself seemed a bit flat but this worked to bring the subtle nuances of flavor out of the tea.

Unique and very good – would definitely order more later if Butiki was not closing its doors.

Flavors: Brandy, Cheesecake, Creamy, Plums, Smooth

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