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Butiki Teas – CLOSED

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Last Updated: Feb. 12, 2015

About Butiki Teas

Butiki Teas was a tea company, based in Mercerville, NJ, and founded in 2008 by Stacy Lim. Butiki Teas originally planned to open a tea room in 2014. The company sold its teas online and in a few locations in New Jersey. The company closed in early 2015.

The word "Butiki" means "lizard" in the Tagalog language, a language commonly spoken in the Philippines; this meaning is reflected in the company's logo of a lizard.

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The Last Dodo
(8 reviews)
93 / 100
Picture of Coffee and Cigarettes

Coffee and Cigarettes

Style: Flavored Tea – Region: China
Jan. 26th, 2015

]Dry leaf: smells like freshly ground coffee beans, a light tough of hay, strong earthy notes, and a touch of smoke.

Liquor Color: deep dark brown.

Notes: I instantly fell in love with this tea. I am in trouble, because it is all that I will ever have. Even though I have only tried it once, I can have already bee...

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73 / 100
Picture of Lime Marshmallow

Lime Marshmallow

Style: Flavored White Tea – Region: China
Jan. 20th, 2015

Dry leaf: Lime Jell-o to a T. a hint of fresh heavy cream.

Liquor color: Just like the photograph, light yellow-green

Leaves: Dry - large grey-green flat leaves. Wet - spring green with a silky sheen

Notes: Blimey, this is limey! The dry nose smelled so very much like the lime jell-o I ate in waves as a kid. ...

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(22 reviews)
67 / 100
Picture of The Black Lotus (English Breakfast)

I was so curious about The Black Lotus. Even the name is awesome. The reviews are great. It arrived here fast – loving the design of the bag. So sad Butiki is closing right when I am discovering them.

I brewed this twice – the first time I must have done it too hot a steep and too little as it wasn’t quite str...

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77 / 100
Picture of Plum Brandy Cheesecake

Plum Brandy Cheesecake

Style: Flavored Oolong – Region: Blend
Jan. 10th, 2015

Oh, so yummy! I wasn’t sure what I would think of this one because of the unusual sounding combination. The smell out of the bag was rich with cheesecake and a small sniff of plum – the tea was dark and with flecks of purple and colors. A happy looking tea.

At first sip I didn’t get much but more came clea...

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(338 reviews)
87 / 100
Picture of Red Queen Cupcake

Red Queen Cupcake

Style: Flavored Black Tea – Region: Blend
Sep. 1st, 2014

The aroma reminds me of truffles (the chocolate, not the mushroom...I know, weird for me to not be talking about mushrooms) rich chocolate and strawberry truffles with a sprinkling of espresso, it pulls to mind a very specific truffle a friend of mine made, they were quite decadent. The aroma is intensely sweet, perfec...

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