Tea: Wild Raspberry

A Fruit Black Tea from Octavia Tea - O Organic - F Fair Trade

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Brand:Octavia Tea
Style:Fruit Black Tea
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Review of Wild Raspberry

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I tend not to like these sorts of fruit-flavored blends, and this was no exception. Sampled at Velvet Sky in Jenkintown.

The dry leaf has a cloying raspberry aroma.

Upon brewing, produces a bright red cup that seems to smell more like raspberry jam (and a bit like strawberry) than anything else. Flavor is quite tangy. Base tea is quite weak, not really noticeable in the aroma, only evident as a slight tannic quality in the finish.

I only steeped once, because I did not enjoy this one and didn't want to try it again.

I was pretty disappointed, even among fruity blends like this. This one seems very much like a typical berry-flavored herbal blend, with black tea thrown in as an afterthought. I have had black tea blends with berries or other fruit that I thought worked much better than this one. They were ones where the base tea held its own more. Here, the base tea is weak and almost unnoticeable.

Among the cheaper of Octavia's teas, but in my opinion, still not worth it.

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