Tea: Yunnan White Jasmine

A Jasmine Tea from Verdant Tea

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Brand:Verdant Tea
Style:Jasmine Tea
Region:Lancang, Yunnan, China
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Review of Yunnan White Jasmine

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1st infusion, 5s: The liquor was a delicate, yellow-clear shade. The scent, so much more vibrant than any jasmine I have had—it wafted out even as I had just begun cutting the packaging open. Bubble gum? Yes, indeed! But none of the artificiality of bubble gum flavoring, just pure florals and vanilla. Depth, perfume, fragrant oils, clean.

2nd infusion, 5s: Gathering richness, slightly less light, some middle notes rounding it out. Honey-caramelized banana? Again, yes, but lighter, more fragrant, floral, honeydew melon.

3rd infusion, 5s: There is so much here that I don’t have the vocabulary to describe. The floral strength is fading—delicate now, instead of intense. The tingling sensation of the description has begun to appear.

4th infusion, 8s: The jasmine is much subdued and part of the chorus now. Light tasting, though the aroma is still rich, if not overpowering.

5th infusion, 15s: Incense now, in the aroma—frankincense. The liquor is mild but enjoyable, a slight astringency giving body.

6th infusion, 30s: Gentle, soft flavor, with body and a bit of pine when aerated. Warm and comforting, a sense of sweetness, with flavors now married—nothing standing out over anything else. Warm vanilla-sugar.

7th infusion, 60s: Aroma of fragrant spices, an Eastern market. Flavor delicate, but spicy. Seven infusions in and it begins to remind me of the first jasmine teas I ever tried.

8th infusion, 2m: It is done now. Not much flavor left, but still a pleasant tingling spice.

I left the cup unfinished while I cleaned up, then drank what remained in one swallow. Still lovely, the flavor more noticeable for having taken a short break from it. An incredible jasmine tea. As I have become increasingly enamoured with straight teas, I thought I would no longer enjoy a scented tea—just a covering for poor quality. This is clearly untrue. This is a jasmine tea to love.

3.2g • 90ml Gaiwan • 175°F • 8 Steepings

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