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Definitely one of the best English Breakfast teas I've sampled. A somewhat subdued tea that was slow to infuse, but became quite robust if steeped long enough. Quite different from a typical breakfast tea.

The dry leaf, which is fairly large pieces of leaf that are tightly rolled, smelled slightly of cocoa, but wasn't very aromatic, nor was the cup upon brewing. But when I sipped the cup I was surprised by a very pleasant flavor that is both bold and smooth. Very warming.

The mild aroma, mostly malty, has faint smoky notes, which I found pleasant.

A good tea to brew strongly, produces a very rich cup without becoming very bitter.

Resteeps very well, unusually well for an English Breakfast tea--it would be a waste to only brew one cup as the second was just as good as the first, if not better.

I like making a first infusion of 5 minutes, follow a second, very long infusion. This tea releases its flavor very slowly. Price is pretty good too, especially given how well this tea resteeps.

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