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Not the most exciting sencha, but not the worst either. Dry leaf consists of big, intact pieces of leaf, a fairly rich green color, looks a little more like bancha than some sencha though. The leaf is not very aromatic, and this doesn't change much when the tea is steeped.

Produces a cup that is quite weak for a sencha. I normally use a heaping teaspoon for sencha, and steep for 1-2 minutes, but in this case, this wasn't long enough and I steeped longer.

The aroma is very mild and hard to describe. It's slightly herbaceous, perhaps very faintly grassy, there's really not much to the aroma. There is a certain "off" note in the aroma that is a little like cardboard or paper, that I often notice in low-quality sencha.

The flavor is extremely mild, and the mouthfeel average, leaving a slight dusty sensation on the palate in the finish.

The one thing I liked most about this tea is that it doesn't have any overtly harsh qualities; there is little bitterness and limited astringency. I actually think I might prefer a bit more bitterness, but I was already steeping this tea much more strongly than I normally would.

This is inexpensive for a sencha, but I just don't think this is a very interesting tea. Among cheap senchas, I prefer the one from Yamamotoyama; the leaf is more broken than this one, and it may require more care in brewing, but I find it more flavorful and aromatic.

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