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I was surprised at how different this tasted from the Charleston Breakfast blend. I like this one better, and ironically, I think it tastes more like a strong English breakfast tea, whereas the other blend tastes more like a plain, medium-bodied black tea.

The tea bag itself, which is a pyramid sachet filled with large pieces of loose-leaf tea, is strongly aromatic, always a good sign. It smells malty (particularly resembling rye) and complex, with tones of wintergreen.

Upon brewing, produces a really potent cup. Aroma is unique: strongly herbaceous and vegetal, and spicy, suggestive of some Yunnan teas. There are some malty notes, with a strong suggestion of rye malt. Flavor is bold and strong: there's not a lot of up-front bitterness, but a moderate, muted bitterness comes in the middle of each sip. Full-bodied, with a slightly tannic finish.

Quite complex, especially for something with mechanical production.

Resteeps beautifully. I liked making a first 3 minute steep, followed by a second, 8 minute steep. The second cup was very similar to the first, perhaps a bit less malty and with more of the spicy notes, but quite full-bodied and rich.

Really excellent. I was truly surprised with the quality of this tea, especially given that it uses mechanical production. It is on par with many of the single-origin teas I've tasted to come out of Assam and Sri Lanka (Ceylon tea).

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