Tea: BaiYuYa Jasmine Tea

A Jasmine Tea from Simply Good Tea

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of BaiYuYa Jasmine Tea
Brand:Simply Good Tea
Style:Jasmine Tea
Region:Fujian, China
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Review of BaiYuYa Jasmine Tea

7 of 104 of 54 of 577 of 100
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A classic jasmine of good quality, very balanced.

The dry leaf is very aromatic, with a strong floral fragrance that is not too perfumey. The leaf is also quite beautiful, with lots of silvery, downy tips and a few whole jasmine flowers thrown in.

Upon brewing, takes on a much rounder, warmer aroma, a lot like bao zhong or other lightly-oxidized oolongs. Jasmine is the dominant aroma, but the base tea is also evident, and pleasant.

Flavor is also very smooth and round. I was careful to brew with lower-temperature water, probably around 170F, so I can't say anything about how picky this tea is, or how it would taste if the water were too hot.

Resteeped very well though. I brewed two very flavorful cups, and the leaf still smelled aromatic (with a good balance of tea and jasmine fragrance) as if it could have brewed a third cup--usually 2 is enough for me when it comes to Jasmine so I didn't try for a third.

Yet another tea from Simply Good Tea that delivered above average quality, true to the style of tea, at a reasonable price. This company seems to offer very consistent quality!

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