Tea: Ginger Peach

A Flavored Black Tea from Republic of Tea

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Brand:Republic of Tea
Style:Flavored Black Tea
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I tried this tea again today, and have decided to redo my original rating rather than simply update it.

Okay, the smell is very nice--fruity without being excessively intense or artificial. The black tea provides body and the slight zing of caffeine without making the tea bitter. I didn't steep it long and I think that's for the best with a lot of these teas by Republic of Tea. They don't need long infusions, and removing the bag once the color is right gives you a better shot at a second good cup. Otherwise, the second cup is far too pale and too much flavor drops out. I managed to get a very satisfactory (though not quite as strong) second cup this time.

The peach tastes like the sort you would get in a flavored oatmeal, but the tea itself doesn't have an oatmeal-like flavor (though some teas do, in my opinion). The ginger is there, but so subtle I wouldn't have noticed it much if it wasn't in the title. There's also just the hint of a creamy texture.

Overall, a very solid tea. Like with all of Republic of Tea's teabags, however, this largely makes me want to try the loose leaf version. I bet it's divine. :-)

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