Review of Ruby Black Tea (Whole Leaf)

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This is the best Ruby Black tea I've ever had and among the best black teas I've ever had. I was very impressed by last year's batch, but that was broken-leaf, and this one consists of large, whole leaves, and it's in a completely different category.

The dry leaf of this is incredibly aromatic, with a sweet, vegetal aroma, almost suggestive of the inside of a greenhouse filled with tropical plants, yet also with deep notes of bitter chocolate.

Upon brewing, produces a very rich, dark cup with an intense wintergreen aroma, one of my favorite qualities in tea. I love this so much! Upon sipping, the notes of bitter chocolate come out, with an edgy bitterness and tannic finish. Extremely strong, a sipping tea, even if brewed not too strongly.

Produces an astonishing three infusions while retaining its strength and body, as well as its aromatic complexity. I suspect I might even be able to brew a fourth cup, because the leaves still smell aromatic, but I usually only want to drink three and the body of the tea is getting a little thinner by the last cup. I like to start with a 3 minute first steep (although the tea doesn't get very bitter or astringent so you can easily steep much longer if you wish), followed by 5-8 minutes, followed by a third very long steep, 12-20 minutes. This tea is full of flavor but infuses very slowly. You can even see this as the bold, wiry leaves gradually unfurl.

After steeping you can examine the beautiful, intact leaves.

This tea is a masterpiece.

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