Review of Pumpkin Spice Black Tea

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Very nice tea, so long as you drink it rather quickly! The tea loses flavor as it loses heat. But the first sips I had smelled and tasted wonderful--somewhere between the spices used for pumpkin pie (without pumpkin flavoring) and those used in apple cinnamon oatmeal (without an apple or very oatmeal-ish flavor). So, basically, the clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg balance nicely. I would swear cardamom was in this one--maybe it's in the allspice. Ginger wasn't as distinct a flavor, but in this case I didn't miss it.

This would likely make a good latte, but I think it'd be better hot than cold as a general rule. A short steeping is all you need--just remove the bag when the water is sufficiently dark, which for me was around a minute (possibly less). Between the caffeine and the spices, this is a nice wake-you-up drink.

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