Review of get clean - No. 7

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First off, I should say I generally make it a point to avoid wellness/medicinal teas because I don't like to encourage a lack of rigor in medical/health claims. And frankly, an herb that "stimulates the liver" sounds terrifying. My liver works just fine without prodding. I tried this one because it came as a free sample.

Okay, so the flavor isn't bad. The combination of herbs and spices end up presenting a cake-like, licorice-adjacent flavor. I think it's the vanilla. It doesn't dazzle me, but others may like it more.

In short, the flavor is nice, but don't expect it to "detoxify" your body. Anything that doesn't get specific about "toxins" (particularly if it avoids that whole proper double-blind trials and peer review bit) should be regarded skeptically.

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