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Since the start of my pregnancy,  my mate and I decided we wanted to breastfeed. Despite all the classes we attended and books I've read, we soon learned how challenging of a task it is after our daughter was born.
    My friend recommended this tea and kindly dropped off a few boxes during our overnight stay at the hospital. Many women struggle with keeping a steady production of milk due to many causes, the most common is stress which is natural,for first time mothers especially. I decided to give this tea a go since my supply seemed to be teetering on the low side.
  So without further adieu~
This is an herbal tea of crushed leaves in tea bags, I only steeped the first time for about 2.5 minutes. The aroma was mighty herbaceous, strong presence of fenugreek with hints of licorice root, and raspberry that gave it some mild sweetness. The appearance of the liquid, golden.  The flavor was surprisingly pleasing upon first sip. I thought it would be unpleasant to my pallet due to the complexity of it's aroma. I can enjoy a cup of this recreationally. I usually like my teas at maximum strength, so this seems a bit weak, but I rather enjoy that quality.
  With the second steep, ahh, the spearmint and lemon verbena is faintly notable within the aroma. The fenugreek is still the dominant scent. Overall, much like the flavor, it is weaker. There is no third steep out of one bag. The liquid is a much paler yellow now, with a greenish hue much like green or oolong tea. The texture of both steeps is rather thin and smooth.
     It is a rather fruitful experience. I would recommend this tea to any nursing mother who would like a boost in their production of breastmilk. Do not be timid in exploring other options and always consult in a doctor and lactation consultant.  I am currently experimenting with my own blends to discover varying results.
***To note, fenugreek is a natural blood thinner, so drink with caution soon after delivery.  I only drank Mother's Milk very occasionally until I fully recovered.***
  The price of a box of Mother's Milk is 4.99 for 16 bags, I find it easily at nearby grocery stores on sale and with coupons. My daughter is four months old now and I don't drink nearly as much as I used to, about one cup every couple weeks.

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