Tea: Jasmine Pearls

A Jasmine Pearls from The Meaning of Tea

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Jasmine Pearls
Brand:The Meaning of Tea
Style:Jasmine Pearls
Region:Fujian, China
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Review of Jasmine Pearls

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A decent Jasmine tea, which I think is on the expensive side.

Dry leaf has a very intense aroma, with a strongly floral jasmine scent, and also strongly fruity, with a minty note.

The Meaning of Tea recommended a heaping teaspoon, but I sensed that this tea would be strong for my tastes, so I went easy, using a typical or smallish teaspoon. The pearls were largeish so I was able to count them, I used 18.

I was a little worried from the smell of the dry leaf that this would be one of those over-the-top scented teas, a bit like the one from Wegmans, but upon brewing it was much more subdued, and the base tea aroma was very evident.

The leaf unfurls slowly. The flavor is bold, with a nice, crisp bite up front. Fairly clean flavor, smooth mouthfeel, not much astringency. Finish is almost syrupy, especially given that the bitterness comes most up-front, and the sweetness develops later in the sip.

I experimented a bit with brewing. I found that boiling water brought out greater astringency, which I actually liked. This tea can be steeped twice, with decent results.

A little expensive. For 2 ounces, the price is exactly the same as Teavana, which I think is overpriced. I wouldn't say this tea is dramatically better than theirs either. It's just a solid, typical-quality Jasmine; I've had better loose-leaf Jasmines (not pearls) which were much cheaper.

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