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An Oolong Tea from Health & Tea

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Brand:Health & Tea
Style:Oolong Tea
Region:Taiwan / Formosa
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Review of Smoky Mist Oolong Tea

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An interesting roasty oolong that had some flavor characteristics of aged oolongs. Thank you Kelsey for sharing this one with me. I really enjoyed the aroma, but I found it too sour for my tastes.

The dry leaf looks and smells like a typical moderate-to-dark roast oolong of good quality.

The brewed cup is really beautiful, it's very clear and has this golden-orange with a tinge of pink, almost tending towards a salmon-colored hue.

Upon brewing, I'm surprised by the aroma coming up from the cup...it smells strongly like cooked celery, but with interesting roasty nuances. Reminds me a lot of the style of oolong served in Chinese restaurants, but taken to new levels of subtlety. As I drink more, there's a sourness that is familiar but that I dislike. Many of the characteristics of this oolong taste like aged oolongs that have been roasted and re-roasted, although these characteristics are slightly less pronounced.

Second steep is great. I could see this tea resteeping many times--the leaf was still aromatic after two steepings, but I tired of drinking it. I found the sourness limited the amount of it that I wanted to drink.

I don't see this listed for sale on the Health & Tea website, so I can't comment on price. I think this is a tea though for which price might be less important. I'd probably only want to enjoy it in small quantities, not as an everyday tea.

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