Review of Matcha Super Green Tea Bag, Organic

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Very pleased with this tea. It comes with an oversized wrapper that makes for a good place to set the bag between steeps. Within you'll find a reasonable roomy satchet full of choppy bits of flavorful sencha along with a modest sprinkling of matcha.

I like it. It's not the most complex sencha I've had, but it has a pleasant vegetable taste that responds very well to a little bit of sweetener, making this an extremely comfortable tea for me. On the first steep you may find this getting a bit bitter and astringent towards the bottom at the matcha sits there doing its thing long after the bag is removed, and while I'd rather say the flavor got deeper, bitter and astringent is a bit more on target.

All in all, this is an excellent bagged tea that isn't at all overpriced. Oh, and regarding the super green, it is pretty darn attractive.

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