Review of TB05: Mincing Lane Breakfast Blend

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Another outstanding and powerful black tea blend from Upton. This was also one of my all-time favorite blends from Upton.

The dry leaf of this blend, which consists of quite large pieces of leaf, has a strong and wonderful aroma, lightly smoky, spicy, and fruity, with floral hints, suggesting rose.

Flavor is brisk. The cup is full-bodied, and more on the edgy and sharp side. Very refreshing; the bitterness and astringency seems just right. The aroma is pleasingly complex as I drink it. All the notes I noticed in the dry leaf are present: fruity, malty, woody, smoky, and spicy, and with a hint of rose.

Resteeps fairly well, although the second cup lacks some of the briskness of the first, and is less aromatically complex.

Also, tastes much better when hot, although I found that unlike some Yunnan and Assam teas, this tea has a crispness that made it equally enjoyable in warmer weather.

Price is good, especially for an orthodox blend of this quality.

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