Tea: Tomurcuk Earl Grey Tea

An Earl Grey Tea from Caykur (Çaykur)

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Brand:Caykur (Çaykur)
Style:Earl Grey Tea
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Review of Tomurcuk Earl Grey Tea

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The dry leaf is finely broken and has an aroma mostly of bergamot. But upon brewing this tea I was surprised to find that it has a bold black tea presence with only a hint of bergamot in the cup.

The black tea is also very interesting. It's malty like an Assam, but very gentle, lacking the strength and richness that most Assams have. It also reminds me of a Ceylon from Nuwara Eliya; it is light and has a rice-like quality in the aroma.

Overall, a very light Earl Grey. People who like Earl Grey that has a gentle black tea and is light on the bergamot but want something with some complexity might really enjoy this one. And it's so inexpensive that people desiring a stronger tea can easily use more leaf. Very reasonably priced (under $4 for 125g) given its complexity.

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