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On the heavily roasted and dark side, more coffee-like in aroma and fewer of the green tea qualities come through. Good, but not terribly complex.

There also isn't the most generous quantity of leaf in the teabag. The company recommends 8 oz. of water per teabag, and a long infusion. I brewed it this way and it was pleasantly strong, but there's not enough leaf to brew a larger quantity without it being weak, and using that long an infusion, you can only infuse once. The heavy roast makes this one disappointing if it's brewed too thinly.

Overall, I think this tea doesn't offer the best value. I prefer hojicha loose, but if I'm going to go with teabags I'd rather buy from yamamotoyama because they're more generous with the leaf. Also, Mighty Leaf's hojicha is expensive, but in my opinion, much better. When buying from Traditional medicinals I stick with what they do best--the medicinal teas.

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