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Served at Notting Hill coffee shop in Lewes, DE.

An outstanding English Breakfast blend: robust and strong, with a rich and complex aroma. The aroma is slightly malty, and has noticeable wintergreen notes.

Flavor is very bold and rich; flavor is both bitter and savory, and astringency is fairly strong; be careful not to oversteep as this tea can get harsh if oversteeped, but it seemed to do well with about a 3 minute steeping. Very full-bodied and rich, richer and stronger than typical for an English Breakfast, but with a typical aromatic profile of this type of tea (not quite as malty as Irish Breakfast).

Very enjoyable and I can see drinking this tea every day.

This was only the second tea from Metropolitan Tea Company that I've sampled, and I am very impressed and eager to try more, although from looking at and smelling the teas for sale, I get the sense that their black teas are much better than their green teas.

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