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This green tea is somewhat interesting in both good and bad ways. The flavor reminds me of a Sencha, sort of...but considerably more "dirty" and "fishy" and "harshly herbal" than the better varieties of that style. Astringency reminds me of certain black teas when even slightly over steeped.

When I do drink it (very rarely) I brew this one absolutely no longer than 1 minute and 20 seconds. Even a full 2 minutes brings out way too much "dirtiness" in the flavor and is...not good.

I use my standard 175 - 180 degree (F) water for this one and couldn't imagine what it would taste like with nearly boiling water :)

For some strange reason though, if brewed very precisely, it can be refreshing for me. I will attempt to make it into an iced tea, but it'll need sugar.

So I don't hate it, really, but certainly would not recommend it aside from its, lets say unique character and challenge of brewing it :) Oh and the possibility of making a decent sweetened green iced tea.

Update - Writing this review got me to drinking another cup of this tea... Honey or sugar are your friends with Twinings green tea. :) I have peppermint growing in the yard and will experiment adding that as well.

Still though, I doubt I'll ever go out of my way to find this tea when there are so many better green tea options alongside it even in a grocery store.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on August 31st, 2015

I also found this tea reminded me of a sencha, but it seemed to retain more of the negative aspects of sencha than the positive ones. I agree that there are better green teas even in a supermarket, although I've moved away from these teas and now only drink loose-leaf green tea. I do enjoy Twinings on occasion but I'm much more a fan of their British-style black teas. My favorite is their Ceylon.

Monk wrote:
on September 19th, 2015

Yeah I much, much prefer loose leaf as well. Sometimes when I'm waiting for an order to arrive I'll pick up some cheap bagged green tea to carry me over.

I think even Bigelow green is a better option in the cheap bagged category :) And Dilmah's "Sencha" a much, much better option for a very high quality tea in a bag.
Numi's Gunpowder is up there as well in quality and had been my backup green tea, but is unfortunately very expensive in the local stores so I rarely purchase it anymore as a backup.

My ultimate goal however is to just never run out of my favorite loose-leaf teas. :)

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