Tea: Roasted Tea Hoji-cha (16 ct.)

A Hojicha from Yamamotoyama

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These teabags are strong, with a generous quantity of leaf. The roast is noticeable but light, and this hojicha has a fresh, crisp quality, more like green tea. It's not terribly complex, but overall, I think this is a very good tea that offers outstanding value, especially among teabags.

These teabags are versatile. This tea is smooth enough to be used to make a single, strong cup, but it's flavorful enough to brew two or more cups at once with the same bag, or one cup with two infusions.

Like other tea, I strongly prefer hojicha loose, but if I'm going to buy something in teabags that's widely available (you can find this in most Asian stores), this is my brand of choice. Mighty leaf's hojicha is slightly better and considerably more complex in aroma, but, in my opinion, prohibitively expensive.

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