Tea: Mi Lan Dancong AAA

A Dancong Oolong from Jing Tea Shop

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Brand:Jing Tea Shop
Style:Dancong Oolong
Region:Guangdong, China
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Review of Mi Lan Dancong AAA

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The dry leaf is medium-long and twisted in the same style as many dan congs. Its color ranges from deep brown to light golden-yellow. The leaves are generally whole, as would be expected of this grade. When steeping, the leaves unfurl very slowly, and it takes around six steeps to more or less open them completely. Their color ranges from a dark brownish green to brown, and there is what appears to be some oxidation and/or roasting-process discoloration on the edges of the leaf.

Contrary to most commercial-grade dan congs (which I assume this is due to the low price), the tea has very little astringency, and generally only when a large amount of leaf is added and steeping time is increased. There are some notes of dry fruit and a deep honey-like flavor. The texture is a little soupy, and the taste has a good length. Its pronounced hui gan builds with repeated steeps. There is a very noticeable sweet, flowery nose that works with the taste to produce a distinct multi-sensory experience.

This is a versatile steeper—either in a gaiwan with the leaf covering the bottom with 93°C water and steeped repeatedly or packed into a Chaozhou pot and steeped for shorter periods of time at the same temperature. The AAA grade holds up to several more steeps than the lower AA available from the same company. This tea can also be steeped in a standard Western pot for several minutes.

This is among the best dan congs I have tried for the price.

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