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I used to drink Dynasty's tea bags regularly, around 2002-2005, before I got into loose-leaf tea. They're pretty good, and they were my fall-back when I was unable to find Ten Ren's (my favorite oolong in a tea bag, but not widely available).

This tea is only mildly aromatic, and it has a smooth, well-balanced flavor. There is little bitterness and just enough astringency to make it a full-bodied cup. Aroma is slightly woody with a hint of toasty and floral notes.

Can be resteeped, resteeps better than most tea bags, although the second cup is usually not as good.

Among the better oolongs I've tried from a teabag. I like this better than Foojoy's, but not quite as much as the various oolong tea bags from Ten Ren.

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